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Miniature Quick Connects


The following series of miniature Quick Connect/Disconnect couplers are designed to accommodate a 0.100" (2.5mm) I.D., unless otherwise restricted, as with the small barb on the QC8220 or the small thread on the QC8270.

Components are manufactured from Brass rod (C36000) and electroless nickel plated.

Completed assembly includes O-Ring seal in Buna-N (other materials may be available upon request), st. stl. 302 springs and balls. Assembly is secured with an adhesive/sealant threadlocker. Couplers, as numbered below, are supplied with thru flow. To order with automatic shutoff, add the suffix "X" (QC8220 for thru flow, QC8220X for automatic shutoff.


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Part No. Description
QC8220 Quick Disconnect Coupler to Barb QC8220 Coupler to 0.165" O.D. barb
QC8230 Quick Disconnect Coupler to Barb QC8230 Coupler to 0.200" O.D. barb
QC8240 Quick Disconnect Coupler to Barb QC8240 Coupler to 0.256" O.D. barb
QC8270 QC8270 Coupler to #10-32 male thread
QC8290 QC8290 Coupler to 1/8" NPT male
QC8310 QC8310 Coupler to #10-32 female thread
QC8330 QC8330 Coupler to 0.125" O.D. barb, bulkhead
QC8340 QC8340 Coupler to 0.195" O.D. barb, bulkhead
QC8350 QC8350 Coupler to 0.165" O.D. barb, bulkhead
QC8360 QC8360 Coupler to 0.200" O.D. barb, bulkhead
QC8370 QC8370 Coupler to 0.256" O.D. barb, bulkhead

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