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Luers Quick Connects Stopcocks
Luer Fittings Quick Connects Stopcocks
Manifolds Blood Pressure Miscellaneous
(Non-Luer/ Non-QC)
Manifolds Blood Pressure Miscellaneous  (Non-Luer/ Non-QC)

S4J standard "off the shelf" products can be found in one of six product categories. The Luers category includes all male Luers (slip) and male Luer Locks, as well as female Luers and PLASTI-MATE® female Luer Locks. These are configured in 6 subcategories including threads, barbs, and bulkheads. Quick Connects offered are miniature in size as commonly used in blood pressure monitoring, dental equipment, and other non-medical applications such as airbrushing. Stopcocks are also miniature in size and primarily include Luers to be used in medical applications and laboratory applications. Manifolds are only offered in standard Luer Lock configurations. The Blood Pressure category reflects our products most commonly requested by our blood pressure monitoring customers. The Miscellaneous category includes the non-Luer, non Quick Connect product line such as sinkers and thread to barb connectors.

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