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What is a PLASTI-MATE® Fitting?

A PLASTI-MATE® fitting, a registered trademark of S4J Manufacturing, is a metal (hard) female Luer Lock that will reduce the stripping of threads when mated with a plastic (soft) Male Luer Lock.

Luer illustration

Like so many of our products, PLASTI-MATE®s were developed in response to customer requests. Prior to S4J developing the PLASTI-MATE® , the sharp "lugs" or "ears" typical in metal Female Luer Locks were the vestige of prior days when metal to metal connections were the norm. Unfortunately the standards or specifications at the time offered no solution to the metal to plastic connection. In 1988, in order to solve this issue, S4J was the first company to deviate from the specs to offer an alternate "lock" on our female Luers, which we trademarked as PLASTI-MATE® . Others followed. Then in 1998, the ISO 594-2 was updated to include variant "D", which looked a lot like S4J's PLASTI-MATE® series of Female Luer Locks!